There’s a little fish – a little creative being – in my heart. It swims around and takes me to somewhere creative…

As a designer/creator, everything surrounds me is inspiring — not only looking and admiring art, design, typography, photography, but visiting places, feeling the vibe, experiencing something for the first time, making something, meeting people… anything can inspire me and that’s how my Heartfish grows as I grow as a designer/creator.

Heartfish blog is started by me, Hijiri, on January 2008 because I wanted to put everything in one place so I can look back and use it for ideas and projects or simply to remember the feeling. Now, it is my daily inspiration to post about great city, great people, great design and art, and everything in between.

I started working as a freelance designer at the same time I started my blog right when I moved here in New York from San Francisco after living there for 10 and a half years. I am originally from Japan and I post about Japanese things here and there, too. Also, I have started letterpress printing in fall 2008 and it has been my joy! And in January 2011, I launched a small letterpress and design studio called Heartfish Press. You will see a lot of letterpress love, behind the scenes, photos from studio on here, too.

Thank you for your visit — I hope you enjoy!

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