Oyster Festival

Some fun photos from the weekend… my friend took me to the Oyster Festival in Oyster Bay, Long Island!

Ohhh how I LOVE oysters…

Lots of people + lots of food booths…

The Oyster Bay:

There was a portable amusement park and arcade, too, it was so cute :)

I think I’d been working on weekends at some point ever since I got back from Japan in August and this weekend, I took 2 whole days and it was amazing. Beautiful both days! I’ll post a few photos from Saturday activities, too… with lots of cuteness (hint) :)

February Happiness

I can’t believe February is over! It’s always one of the happiest months of the year for me so I just wanted to post some photos from this month… Hope these would make you happy, too :)

Valentine’s day strawberry pancakes from Randy:

Beautiful roses from Randy:

We went to Blue Note New York for Brunch:

Great show by Elin (Loved it):

Thelonious Monk Beer!:

Empire State Building in red and pink:

Anniversary cupcakes by me:

Maia wanted my birthday present:

A View From the Bridge” — it was great! Enjoyed it very much. Scarlett Johansson was so lovely.

Babbo Dinner. Oh my god, it was awesome. One of the best meals we’ve ever had! He is truly an amazing chef!

Love the yellow flowers in my yellow kitchen :)

Till next year, February. I love you!

Easter Cupcakes

I hope you all had a nice Easter weekend… we did a major spring cleaning this weekend and ran lots of small errands etc. and I baked cupcakes for the Easter! I thought it might be fun to share my very easy cupcake “making of” post today instead of printing and typography stuff :) It’s just fun to create something and if it’s eatable, even better!



I used a box of cake mix so all I have to do is to add water, oil, and eggs! Now, mix it together.


Cute pastel color cupcake sheets.


Put the cake mix into each – I actually put chocolate pudding into vanilla cake mix for extra moisture so it looks brown.


Oven is preheated at 350 degrees in the meantime…


Wait for 20 min… and voilà! Smells soo good at this point. (inhaaaale)


Cool them down for a while and when it’s completely cooled down, put frosting on top… and yay, there they are, cupcakes! I used cream cheese frosting and kept them very simple (well, I wish I knew how to make those cute decorative ones…) – They came out so good! The pudding actually works great, it was so moist!




For your Monday morning treat… Have a great week, everyone!

Hello, Cupcake!

How fun and cute is this book? I love cupcakes, they are just so sweeeet in every way. This book looks so creative, I would love to try making (simple) one!

More information here.

For more elegant occasion, you can try these Cupcake Wrapper from Paper Orchid. You just wrap it around the cupcake and the result is so pretty!