My Ideal Bookshelf


These photos were taken last December when the Powerhouse Arena was having an exhibition for the book called “My Ideal Bookshelf“. After posting some photos last week from PA, I remembered that I hadn’t posted these here… It was really interesting and awesome to look at all the art from the book.


Original paintings by artist Jane Mount showcase the selections, with colorful, hand-lettered book spines and occasional objets d’art from the contributors’ personal bookshelves. IMG_5198

It’s a perfect coffee table book, too, if you are looking for one.

Design*Sponge at Home

Last night, I was so happy to open my order — my pre-ordered copy of Design*Sponge at Home had finally arrived! Grace and the team had been working on this book for the last two years and it really shows their hard work in every single page! Amazing!

Love these chapter opener pages — behind the scene post was very inspiring, too.

Congratulations, Grace and the team!!

I know what I’m going to be doing for the next few days… :) Happy Friday and weekend, everyone! xo Hijiri

p.s They are giving away the book!

Everything Is Going to Be OK

everything is going to be ok

My Live What You Love special edition letterpress print has been featured in Everything Is Going to Be OK from Chronicle Books… not just inside, but also in the back cover!

everything is going to be ok

Page 81:

everything is going to be okeverything is going to be ok

This book, as you can see from its title, it makes you feel good, confident, believe that everything is going to be OK :) It’s filled with lots of hope and optimism in a great art form from all over the world, just flipping through this book is an inspiration! Here are some sneak peeks… Enjoy!

everything is going to be okeverything is going to be okeverything is going to be okeverything is going to be okThank you so much for including my work, truly honored!!

1000 More Greetings

Our work was featured in 1000 More Greetings book!! Yaaay!! (The credit shows Hijirik Studio, the former studio name)

On page 87 — The Alphabet Greeting cards.

On page 98 — the Calendar cards. (will be back in stock soon)

Thank you so much for this wonderful mention! I’ve been a big fan of 1000 series, this means so much to me. Thank you!