Björk Exhibition 



There’s Björk exhibition going on at MoMA right now and I finally made myself go and enjoy. There are few parts to this exhibition, I saw (experienced, rather) this film “Black Lake,” a song from Björk’s new album Vulnicura (2015); and this cinema room that screens a retrospective in music videos, from Debut (1993) to Biophilia. What a trip! I was immediately falling and sinking in Björk’s world… she is truly an amazing artist. Blew my mind.

Looking forward to the other part of the exhibition… gotta get back there soon.

Sandy Photography Exhibition


Stopped by the Powerhouse Arena the other day and saw the EXHIBITION: SANDY: Devastation, Document, Drivea vast visual document of Superstorm Sandy created by photographers of all backgrounds–from career photojournalists to judiciously situated cell phone owners and ardent Instagrammers. (it’s ending today! I’m glad I caught it before it ends.)


And all these photos on the wall are up for grab for a suggested donation of $5 per photo.


I was happy to see lots of photos were taken…


I looked through each one, also hoping to rebuild, renew, renovate… and got one photograph and made a donation. What a great exhibition this was. Hope many people have seen it…

Happy Friday and Happy weekend, everyone! xo Hijiri

My Ideal Bookshelf


These photos were taken last December when the Powerhouse Arena was having an exhibition for the book called “My Ideal Bookshelf“. After posting some photos last week from PA, I remembered that I hadn’t posted these here… It was really interesting and awesome to look at all the art from the book.


Original paintings by artist Jane Mount showcase the selections, with colorful, hand-lettered book spines and occasional objets d’art from the contributors’ personal bookshelves. IMG_5198

It’s a perfect coffee table book, too, if you are looking for one.

MoMA visit


Happy New Year 2013! It’s already going so fast, but let’s just do this! :)

We went to MoMA on the 2nd of January — the first museum visit in 2013. I renewed my membership, too, so you’ll see more posts from MoMA this year again.


My husband, Randy wanted to see this exhibition for a while: Quay Brothers: On Deciphering the Pharmacist’s Prescription for Lip-Reading Puppets. And wow, it was a total trip to their world…

There is no photography allowed, but I had to take this wall photo. It was so great not to. Just loved the calligraphy on the wall plus the display and caught my eye so much.


I loved the graphic design, drawings, and calligraphy part of the exhibition besides their films…

There are more in the theater area and that was awesome…


We also saw the exhibition entitled Tokyo 1955–1970: A New Avant-Garde:


Again, there is no photography allowed, but I loved this room with graphic design posters so I did a couple quick sneaky shots…

On the TV monitor, there was an animation by Tadanori Yokoo playing — I’ve never seen that before and I didn’t know he made such things back in 1970s and it was really great to watch.


And Tokyo Olympic posters in 1964. So simple and great!!


May your / our 2013 be filled with love and creativity!!

Now that our design blog has been fixed (and has a little bit of a facelift), I’d love to post more stuff regularly.