Happy Birthday, Maia!


November 2nd was Maia’s 5th birthday! Happy Birthday, Maia, we love you!! She’s got a new toy and she loves it :)

Happy Weekend!


Wishing you all a happy weekend… this week was a bit rainy and cloudy so I spent a lot of time with these girls at home… (except the one on the top left from last Saturday) Looks like a nice weather this weekend in NY! Yay! :) xo Hijiri

Happy Weekend!


Wishing you all a happy weekend :) Photos from this week! xo Hijiri

Happy Weekend!


Wishing you all a happy weekend! I take lots of pictures with my iPhone on daily basis so every Fridays, I’ll share some photos I took for the week. If you follow me on instagram at heartfishpress and/or Flickr, you might have seen some of them… :)

See you on Monday! xo Hijiri