Spring At Last… Kind of.


We are having such a slow Spring this year… it’s almost May and still trees are bold and cherry blossoms are blooming finally here and there… and it’s nice, but not that warm… yet.


But makes me really happy to see the vibrant pink on the street! (These photos are from SoHo this morning) We couldn’t go to the annual Sakura Matsuri in the Brooklyn Botanical garden this weekend because Mili was sick, but I saw pictures on the Internet and the park had no cherry blossoms yet!! What?!

Today’s Bridge 5.9.13


It’s been a bit rainy since yesterday, but I took a little walk this afternoon after the rain. It’s getting greener around here! I saw lots of pink petals on the ground, too, it was pretty.


Mili’s been sick since Tuesday… I hope she feels better really soon…

Found Art: Pink Jellyfish



Found these pink spray painted jellyfishes in the parking lot on Water and Jay street. Love the colors caught my eye :)



I’m so happy that I am printing something special today :) I’ve missed it so much. This is just a sneak peek, I’ll post about it very soon… Yes, baby Wednesday related! See you later!