Nihon Buyo Show

Early this month, I took my daughters to see a nihon buyo dance at Japan Society. It was actually my first time seeing the dance! They explained the moves, the band and the instruments at the beginning, that was really cool, too.

It was such a great experience!


Yesterday was my birthday (yes, I’m older and wiser today :P) and went to see STOMP for the first time! I’ve known about the show for quite some time, but never seen the real one — wow, I really enjoyed it very much! They pretty much made rhythm/music out of nothing and everything. It was funny and engaging, too. Such an energy I received for my new age year! :)

Old Movie Posters at Brooklyn Heights Cinema

We went to Brooklyn Heights Cinema last Friday to watch the Exit Through the Gift Shop (one of the best documentary (?) films I’ve seen in a long time, definitely makes you think, too!) and as I thought, inside of the theater was so cute :) Lots of old movie posters and very cozy.

Hand-written / drawn chalk board menu:

Catch Me if You Can Opening Title Sequence

Yes, I know, this is from 2002, but I watched “Catch Me if You Can” on the TV over the weekend and saw this amazing opening title sequence again and I remembered the first time I saw this — I was so drawn to it and thought it was one of the best opening title sequences ever. It’s been always in my head ever since, but I didn’t have a blog to post my inspirations at that time so I’m doing it now. Still gets me every time… so good! Love the music, too. Very inspiring and well done. Love the typography and the illustration, all works so well together. Enjoy!