In-Flight Toys From ANA


We flew with ANA from JFK to Narita, Haneda to Takamatsu both ways, total of 4 flights and look what they gave Mili :) She actually got the same wooden airplane twice so we gave one to her cousin. Unfortunately, both wooden airplane and the apple toy say not to put it in mouth so I couldn’t give neither of them to Mili since all she does is to put everything in her mouth… but it’ll be a good souvenir. The book has two stories — when you open from the top it’ll be a story about pilot’s day and when you open from the bottom, it’ll be a story about flight-attendant’s day. She liked it :)


As for the flight… we had a bassinet that hangs from the wall, but Mili only used it for like 1 hour out of 13-14 hours both ways… (sigh) Above is the picture within that 1 hour of usage… (left is on the way there, right is on the way back — she slept here for like 10 min it was a miracle)


On our way back though, she could sit all by herself so it was easy for her (and us!) to sit here and play around. Still she preferred being held by me, though…

Just glad everything went okay and that it’s over for a while!

Pez, Pez, Pez Candies!

I collected Pez dispensers for a long time. I don’t know how many I have so far, but they are all in a glass display shelf in our loft happily :) As you know, all Pez dispensers come with a couple (or more depends on the package) pez candies, and I also kept them… for a loong time. Thinking maybe I would make an art with them or display them all somehow etc. but, of course, I never did… At 30 weeks pregnant, I’ve been organizing and cleaning our apartment and storage whenever possible (I hear that’s called “nesting”!) — this weekend was no exception. and I found them again in a bag… this time, I am saying good-bye! but before that, I needed to take pictures… and here they are! Please bare with me while I’m saying good-bye to these old candies…

Some are from Australia, Japan and of course all over the United States.

Bye bye, Pez candies! xo Hijiri

Dachshund Rolling Toy

I’m on my 3rd trimester already (time flies soo fast!) it’s true I look at baby stuff more and more now… :) This wooden dachshund rolling toy is just too cute not to post. Love the simple design.

Check out more handmade eco-friendly wooden toys from Buddy and JoJo.

Plush Love

Maybe because I’m going to be an aunty soon again (I have two awesome nephews already, but expecting another nephew very soon and attending my sister-in-law’s baby shower this month), I’ve been so drawn to plush kids/baby toys so much lately (well, maybe I just want one for myself :P)… so I wanted to share some I bookmarked lately :)

Frederic by krakracraft:

Thomas Paul — Miss Kitty:

Thomas Paul — Teddy Bear:

Kevin Caterpillar Lambswool Plush by sara carr:

Monty the Fox Lambswool Plush by sara carr:

Gato (Cat) from LAMA (they are having a BIG sale right now by the way!):

The list goes on and on… how come they are so cute?! I just want everyone besides me :)

Happy Friday!