My new neighborhood Bed-Stuy Brooklyn has this cutest restaurant called Saraghina¬†and their food is oh, so good, too. We took home¬†their pizzas the other day and noticed their simple and cool packaging…

It’s just the normal pizza-to-go box, but they use it inside-out so the cardboard side will show outside with a simple graphic and information, I thought it was such a clever idea with a small budget.


Esoteric Coffee


My friends Tae and James have this coffee company called Esoteric Coffee and they just sent us a new bag of coffee! Yeppeeeee! Thank you, thank you!! We had cups over the weekend and it’s just perfect.

I love their package design, too. Tae is a great graphic designer :)

Harmonica Package


I saw this cute harmonica at the store the other day! Love the package design and the colors, I had to take a photo and post it here :)

West Elm Market


West Elm Market just opened in DUMBO, I went there to check it out when opened on October 25th. (and got a free tote bag!) I enjoyed the new shop very much :) Took a few photos that caught my eye. Not everything, though, that would have been too much to post…

Cool laundry bags:


Candy shop!


Lots of nice and cool package designs…



Loved these Garlic pots:


I even wished I needed these hoses:




They have a cafe area where you can sit, that’s nice. I know I’ll be doing lots of holiday shopping here… :)