MT Casa

I’ve been in love with my washi tapes, I use it for my orders, to wrap up a present, and to put up some pretty papers on the wall. And now, they have launched MT Casa that you could use on your walls, ceiling, floor! (found via Decor 8) This will be so perfect for the renters like us, you can decorate your home and peel it off anytime. It’ll be so cute for the kid’s room, too. I love the big circle ones I see in the picture above, I could make a polka dots wall!

And check out this fun video — makes me want to try!

Elephant Hamper

You might have already seen this picture through my twitter updates and instagram photo, but I got this Elephant Hamper for our baby yesterday and I love it!! :)

Speaking of our baby… she’s been giving me a lower back pain lately and so I’m off to my first prenatal├é┬ámassage today!

Have a great day, everyone :) xo Hijiri

Crafting a Meaningful Home

Randy got me this book called Crafting a Meaningful Home by lovely Meg Mateo Ilasco for Christmas along with many other things (thank you, love!) and I had to share how great it is! I am so very inspired and I think one of my new year resolutions will be to make something for our home :) The book tells you and shows you each story and project (27 of them!) and they are all so personal, touching and meaningful, just reading their stories is inspiring, but also you can make your own, too!

Few of my favorite pages…

All the artists/designers featured in this book is amazing! Lots of great talents and their meaningful home projects all in one book. Highly recommended! :) xo Hijiri