Letter Sculptures


There is a BoConcept store in DUMBO and every time I walk by there recently, I couldn’t help but stare at these letter sculptures! (Sorry for the reflection, it’s their window display) How awesome to just have them around the house?! I might have to buy some… :)

A Bunch of Rainbow Love

Happy Monday :) Hope you had a great weekend… I wanted to start the week with these cute bunch of rainbow love by KraKra Craft — makes me happy just looking at them! <3

It says “If you wish, hearts can be attached on a cotton string to dangle around or be assembled into mobile or alike.” — this will be the cutest little decoration for my little one…

Dachshund Rolling Toy

I’m on my 3rd trimester already (time flies soo fast!) it’s true I look at baby stuff more and more now… :) This wooden dachshund rolling toy is just too cute not to post. Love the simple design.

Check out more handmade eco-friendly wooden toys from Buddy and JoJo.

Yellow Pig Planter

I’ve been looking for a cute planter for my little flower plants… and came across this cute yellow pig planter by Fruit Fly Pie on etsy! The flowers are yellow and I like yellow so I was kind of looking for a yellow one :) Do you know any yellow planter or any cool planter? If so, let me know!

This is wish listed for now…