Found Art: Yellow Elephant


Found a spray painted yellow elephant on a famous graffiti brick wall on Water Street in DUMBO. Pretty neat! Immediately snapped the picture.

Found Art: Captain Baby


This was actually found by Mili last week at a subway station while waiting for a train. On a piece of cardboard, a kitty and “captain baby” was spray painted. I didn’t even realize, good eye, Mili!

Esoteric Coffee


My friends Tae and James have this coffee company called Esoteric Coffee and they just sent us a new bag of coffee! Yeppeeeee! Thank you, thank you!! We had cups over the weekend and it’s just perfect.

I love their package design, too. Tae is a great graphic designer :)

Today’s Bridge 1.9.15


It snowed again this morning. It got cleared up by late morning and it’s sunny so we came outside to play with snow. We made it to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, but someone was too cold to play… At least I got this beautiful photo of my favorite spot.

It’s been a full 7 years here, but I never get tired of this view. I don’t think I ever will :)