Valentine’s Day Card

I didn’t know until Mili started going to school, but Valentine’s Day is a pretty big craft day for the kids world, everyone makes something for everyone in the classroom on Valentine’s Day. This year, she made bunch of origami hearts placed on a card. Pretty simple, but came out so cute and she did everything all by herself.

((Teachers get 2 hearts <3<3))

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Birthday Card

Mili has been making all sort of things and this birthday card she made for her friend made me look — her handwritten font!! She didn’t look at anything, she just thought about it and designed it on her own and I was amazed! (She made it to pop-up on her own, too)

If she choose to become a designer in the future, I think she has a great shot :)

Gift Wrapping with Kids Painting



Mili loves to paint and it was getting all piled up… So I used the paintings to wrap some presents for her friends and cousin. It’s pretty (and artsy!) and it’s done by Mili so it makes sense… I think it’s a great use of it!

Coloring Wall

This coloring wall from OMY is so awesome! I wish I had that when I was little. Mili can’t color just yet, but when she is old enough, I am so getting this for her :)

(found via Oh Happy Day!)