National Stationery Show 2015

I’ve stopped by the National Stationery Show again this year with Mili (3yo). It’s funny when I first exhibited at the show, Mili was in my belly and now, we could walk the isles together. Mili had fun walking around with me for sure! (but I couldn’t see much… of course…)

Here are some photos I managed to take. The dachshund cards by Rifle Paper Co. are always our favorites. (picture below is taken by Mili)

The yellow owl workshop booth this year:

    This card is awesome!! (makes me miss SF!!)  

Great constellation cards by Bison:   

Love this gold “hello” cutouts! Caught my eye. 

I loved Paper Lovely‘s new collection. and always great to see Kim!  

This “us” card made me smile :) So simple and so cute.  

aaaand, Mili was so excited to find the Tattly booth! She’s got some popsicle tattoos :) There were so much more, it’s always amazing to just walk around there. Really inspiring!!!

NSS 2014 Part 1

imageI stopped by the National Stationery Show yesterday real quick while Mili was in her home school — Oh my god, what an inspiration!!! I wish the show was here more often. I left the place all inspired and motivated… I can’t stop thinking about new ideas every since. Exactly what I needed. I couldn’t take many pictures as I was just making a quick stop and busy saying hi to my fellow stationers, but I wanted to post some photos I managed to take… The first few are from Linda & Harriett booth. I’ve been a huge fan of their work, I’ve seen their always-fabulous-booth at the previous NSS shows, but this time, I was so lucky to actually meet Liz!! Yay! This year, their booth was all black and white with her great patterns and drawings, it was standing out for sure.


Liz was so nice and we found out that both of our studio are in DUMBO, which was oh-so exciting to me! She invited me to her studio, too, awww, thank you!!

Love this pineapple calendar below!


Three Potato Four had a booth at the NSS this year! I’ve know them as a vintage shop so it was a pleasant surprise. They had all sorts of cool stuff in their booth I was really fascinated.



These banners (above and blow) are so great, I really want one for our loft space…

image-5I especially liked this boards — I think they were selling a collection of paper pack with all sorts of goodies inside. So neat!


Moglea had one of the best and busiest booth at the show, I think! and definitely one of my favorites. I couldn’t say hi to Meg since she was so busy, but I snapped some photos… :D I love her style so much.

image-2They had a bigger booth this year and look at this one wall — I LOVED it.
image-10and this is my favorite; a paper flower card! Too cute! <3


To be continued…


National Stationery Show 2013 part 4


Continuing my report from this year’s National Stationery Show… The lovely ladies from Paper Lovely and fat bunny press had a bright minty booth this year and I loved it. I loved seeing Kim and Eva, too, they are always so fun to chat around with :)


I love these hand lettering letterpress cards (above) and Kim‘s new calendar with each seasonal shoes (below) — too cute!!


Eva‘s sweet cards always make me smile (below) :)


Stopped by Sycamore Street Press, always my pleasure! Great booth as always. Couldn’t take any product photos, but they had this great new Baby Milestones memory set that is so very sweet.


I came across the Sideshow Press booth and I was immediately in love. What a great debut for them!


Their products are all so cool, too.


Ladyfingers Letterpress — Loved their booth, too. I wish I had more time to look around closely… but below is when they were having a hand-lettering demonstration at the booth. I was so drawn to it, it looked so great! I wish I could do that…


Yellow Owl Workshop — the most artistic booth ever! Their booth was actually much taller than anyone else’s and it was really standing out from the crowds. It suits their brand, too. So fun to visit for sure.


Pei Design — I loved their booth, too, one of the cutest for sure! Made me smile so much :)


Iron Curtain Press — I loved their simple and clean booth. If I ever have my own booth, I would definitely get inspiration from their booth…


Leaf-it — their booth definitely caught my eye. How pretty is this? The sticky notes that are leaves. I want to do this at my office area!


This concludes my report from the Stationery Show. I am super inspired! I’m not sure when I can come back to show, but it’s definitely my goal… Until then, I will keep developing my stationery line. Slowly, but surely. Can’t wait for the next year!!

National Stationery Show 2013 part 3


Still have a few more posts from NSSMoglea booth was definitely one of my favorites. Meg is always so fun to chat with, her collection is always so beautiful and unique, it was my pleasure stopping by her booth!



Such a cute card above <3

Up next is Fugu Fugu Press — I’m a big fan of their cute cards and it’s always so nice seeing Shino and Ken. I’ll be so happy to get any of their cards!



Blackbird Letterpress — Love visiting their booth always, too! Kathryn had some new collection, I love the typewriter series… wish I had more time to look at everything!


Pistachio Press — Rachel had an awesome minty green color booth this year and I really liked it. One of her new state print below caught my eye <3


Anemone Letterpress — So great to see Carrie and Wally, and look at these cards! I love the pattern and the color so much. Carrie prints her cards with such tight registration and it’s always peeeeeerfect. I get jealous sometime :)