Be Awesome Today

This has been on my etsy favorites for a while now… Be Awesome Today. 8×10 art print by Lucius Art. Isn’t it awesome?! :)

I will try to be awesome today — off to letterpress studio!

Heartfish Hearts Hearts <3

folk heart

Letterpress Folk Heart print by Dutch Door Press — been eying on it forever and today, March 17th, 100% of proceeds go to American Red Cross for Earthquake and Tsunami Relief effort in Japan! They have so many lovely prints and cards, if you need some letterpress fix, please go over there now!

Another lovely heart I found — Cherry Blossom Heart print by This Paper Ship. Do you see Japan shape in the heart? 90% of the proceeds go to the American Red Cross’s aid effort in Japan.

Hoping all of our hearts go out to Japan…

Custom Prints: Charles Bukowski

Lindsay from Lindsay Wilson Photography had another great project for me (did you see the previous post?) to help her create custom prints with couple of quotes by Charles Bukowski. They came out so nicely, I wanted to share!

Since it was 5×7 prints, I used smaller wood type blocks. With my computer printouts, pick up all the letters and try to form sentences…

All the letters picked, spelling double-checked…

Start locking the letters. Takes a long time…

Adjusting impressions and placements… I’m printing both quotes in one paper here.

After everything is set, ink the press and print…

For his name, I ordered a polymer plate. Setting up the plate on the base, ready to print his name separately.

and here are the final products!

Yes, perfectly imperfect, I just can’t get enough of the wood type loveliness… Lindsay and her husband told me the nicest things, made me happy so much! Thank you for another fun and wonderful project!