Birthday Card

Mili has been making all sort of things and this birthday card she made for her friend made me look — her handwritten font!! She didn’t look at anything, she just thought about it and designed it on her own and I was amazed! (She made it to pop-up on her own, too)

If she choose to become a designer in the future, I think she has a great shot :)

Found Type: Flower Shop Chalkboard Sign


There is a tiny flower shop right around the corner from our building (not sure the name of the place…) and they have a cute chalkboard sign out on the street. Always makes me look :) The top photo is from last December and the bottom two photos are from recently.



Updates: they had a Valentine’s day sign up today it was so cute made me smile :)

Monogrammed Initial and Date Mug

It was a long Memorial day weekend here in US, I couldn’t pop in and wish you a happy weekend, but hope you had a great weekend… over the weekend, I came across these monogrammed initial and date mug by Etsy seller Wandersketch (found via Brooklyn Bride) and thought they are so cute! Love the hand-lettering initials. Perfect for a wedding gift :)