Vintage Letter R

Found it in the restaurant in New Jersey. Cool to have such a big letter… want one at home! ニュージャージーのレストランで。こんな大きいアルファベット家に欲しい…

The Cutest Mermaid Graphic


The folks over  had tweeted this graphic the other day and I was immediately in LOVE! How cute!


Brooklyn Flea

Last Saturday (wow, it’s already a week ago?! 2013 is already going too fast.) I went to the Brooklyn Flea. It’s winter time so it’s been held at the Skylight One Hanson, I like this building so it was a treat to just be there :)

The main reason why I went there was to see some old friends and so I couldn’t look around much, but these vintage tin cans of tobacco caught my eye. Nice graphic.



We had some yummy onigiri at Rice and Miso Everyday, too! :)

Vintage Things…

So Randy’s family’s beach house we spent our entire July this year has lots of vintage things in the house. (I’ve blogged about some of them here and here before.) Here are some that have the cool vintage packaging — they’ve been sitting there since the 60’s or so, I love them :)

Yes, the water color set was $1.75 back then. I wonder how much this will cost now…