DIY: Flower Arrangement

I did a very easy flower arrangement for the shower :) Just by using 2 stems of white hydrangeas & 2 stems of pink gerbera daisies (they are two of my favorites! and our wedding flowers, too) — came out so cute, I was so happy (and still happy to look at today)!! All you do is to cut them to the length of the base and make them shape rounder, which is easy since both of them already have the shape.

I made 3 of these and placed on bar table, food table and desert table.

and I placed 2 stems of pink gerbera daisies in a simple tall glass base in the bathroom for an extra touch :)

I love having flowers around the house, I should do that more often!

Custom print: Number 1

Custom Print: Number 1

Anita from UK wanted a custom print that has the number “1” on chipboard with white ink. I love printing on chipboard and the color combination! Another fun custom project, thank you, Anita!

The wood type number 1 on Vandercook press, all locked up and inked, ready to print.

Custom Print: Number 1

To make the white come out stronger, I ran the chipboard 3-4 times…

Custom Print: Number 1

It is 7.5cm x 7.5cm. Yes, we can do it in cm, too :)

Custom Print: Number 1

Christmas Tree 2010

Happy Friday! How was your week?! Did yours fly as fast as mine did? The only time I felt like the time had stopped was whenever I looked at our Christmas tree that we put up last weekend. It’s been making me happy every single day ever since! This year, it’s not against the wall so we can see it 360º and that means more ornaments to hang :) I wanted it to be really full so I put up all the ornaments from previous years plus I got some new ones for the year!

New this year: Chinchilla ornament (well, I think it is a rabbit, but it really looks like our chinchillas!) from Anthropologie.

and Dachshund ornament from Jonathan Adler. (A second I saw it came out, it was already our new ornament for the year!)

I got few polka dots glitter ornaments from Crate and Barrel. They are so cute :)

and stars, too.

A back of our tree:

and this snowman sitting on a snowflake is still one of my favorites :) I got him in Hayes Valley shop in San Francisco, they had the best ornaments every year, I want to go back there for the holiday season someday again…

If you have your Christmas tree photos up somewhere, I’d love to see, please tell me the link in the comment section! Happy Tree decorating!

It’s a White World

All day yesterday, all day last night, it snowed here in NYC… so much! and it was beautiful. I kept looking out the window all day and being amazed by the white/silver world out there…

So I went out and took some photos. In a blizzard. yes. I couldn’t help it :)

The heart-shaped gate:

It’s a white world!

A snow bicycle:

I love the white trees… they are one of the most beautiful things that snow can create…

Even the bus schedule was white yesterday.

I think it was the most snow we’ve ever gotten since we moved here. Yes, still a lot out there, but it’s not the same… (getting not so pretty) I hope you can see some beauty in a white world I saw! Have a great day :)