It’s a White World

All day yesterday, all day last night, it snowed here in NYC… so much! and it was beautiful. I kept looking out the window all day and being amazed by the white/silver world out there…

So I went out and took some photos. In a blizzard. yes. I couldn’t help it :)

The heart-shaped gate:

It’s a white world!

A snow bicycle:

I love the white trees… they are one of the most beautiful things that snow can create…

Even the bus schedule was white yesterday.

I think it was the most snow we’ve ever gotten since we moved here. Yes, still a lot out there, but it’s not the same… (getting not so pretty) I hope you can see some beauty in a white world I saw! Have a great day :)

6 thoughts on “It’s a White World

  1. Thank you, Ladies!

    Jenn — I wanted to go to Prospect Park (we live so close) but I just walked around 1 block. haha


    glad you guys like the pictures!!

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