Christmas Tree 2010

Happy Friday! How was your week?! Did yours fly as fast as mine did? The only time I felt like the time had stopped was whenever I looked at our Christmas tree that we put up last weekend. It’s been making me happy every single day ever since! This year, it’s not against the wall so we can see it 360º and that means more ornaments to hang :) I wanted it to be really full so I put up all the ornaments from previous years plus I got some new ones for the year!

New this year: Chinchilla ornament (well, I think it is a rabbit, but it really looks like our chinchillas!) from Anthropologie.

and Dachshund ornament from Jonathan Adler. (A second I saw it came out, it was already our new ornament for the year!)

I got few polka dots glitter ornaments from Crate and Barrel. They are so cute :)

and stars, too.

A back of our tree:

and this snowman sitting on a snowflake is still one of my favorites :) I got him in Hayes Valley shop in San Francisco, they had the best ornaments every year, I want to go back there for the holiday season someday again…

If you have your Christmas tree photos up somewhere, I’d love to see, please tell me the link in the comment section! Happy Tree decorating!

DIY: Non Traditional Pumpkin Decorating

I saw this tutorial: Non Traditional Pumpkin Decorating over at papernstitch blog and I couldn’t resist to share! SO cute and easy and perfect for the fall decorations :)

(all the images are from papernstitch blog)

Reminds me of the Yayoi Kusama’s pumpkin :)

Please hop over to papernstitch blog and see the whole tutorial + lots of great inspirations!

Kagami Mochi

I posted the Kadomatsu picture yesterday, but there are many more traditional new year decorations here in Japan and today, I wanted to share some pictures of Kagami Mochi. The kagami mochi usually is placed in various locations throughout the house. My parents had 3, various sizes.

January 11th (yesterday) was Kagami biraki (another traditional ceremony after new years day) so we ate these mochi in Zenzai (Red Bean Soup) — one of my favorites!

Mochi does get hard and cracks… (but it gets soft again when cooked in certain way) and sometimes get moldy, but we all eat them anyway. (take the moldiness off, of course)

This one has Hoshigaki (dried persimmons) — hadn’t had it for a long time, it is quite good.

Urajiro leaves:

Japanese new year is so very traditional and it’s been the same way for thousands of years, it is so interesting and deeply thought out. (everything has meaning) I’ve been enjoying everything once again!