Costom Print: Jack & Deanne

I printed this a while ago for Jack & Deanne who got married on June 5th this year — they wanted a memorable piece with the lace heart for their wedding and also for the keepsake, I was so happy to be able to create a custom print for them — and it came out so great!

Wood type set and adjusting placement and impression…

Always make sure with the compute mock up for spelling, placement etc.

It’s ready for inking — their wedding colors were red and pink — pink ink here for the names and the dates:

Now, printing the lace heart… (I could print this first, but due to the ink on the press, this way made sense at that time. Being flexible is a big part of letterpress printing, I think!)

and here is the finished print:

Congratulations, Jack and Deanne!!

Custom print: Number 1

Custom Print: Number 1

Anita from UK wanted a custom print that has the number “1” on chipboard with white ink. I love printing on chipboard and the color combination! Another fun custom project, thank you, Anita!

The wood type number 1 on Vandercook press, all locked up and inked, ready to print.

Custom Print: Number 1

To make the white come out stronger, I ran the chipboard 3-4 times…

Custom Print: Number 1

It is 7.5cm x 7.5cm. Yes, we can do it in cm, too :)

Custom Print: Number 1

Custom print: I’ll eat you up

custom print: I'll eat you up

Last year, lovely Lindsay from Lindsay Wilson Photography contacted me for another custom work with great news — it’s for her expected baby’s room! I was really excited to work on such a special piece.

She wanted to match the yellow so she sent in a paint chip and I happened to have the matching yellow nails that time :)

custom print: I'll eat you up

Wood type all set and the color came out perfectly. I was really happy how it came out for this special order. “I’ll eat you up. I love you so.” — a line from one of Lindsay’s favorite childhood books “Where the Wild Things Are”!

custom print: I'll eat you up

and recently, she posted some of the baby Wyatt’s nursery room photos on Heartfish Press Facrbook page and they made me so happy and I felt so honored — take a look!

wyatt's nurserywyatt's nurserywyatt's nursery

She also has the SMILE print there, too, made me smile :)

wyatt's nursery

You should visit her blog for a whole room tour, I love the grey and white stripes fabrics she used and all the little details she put into as well. Thank you so much, Lindsay, and congratulations again on your little addition to your family!! xo Hijiri

Custom Prints: Charles Bukowski

Lindsay from Lindsay Wilson Photography had another great project for me (did you see the previous post?) to help her create custom prints with couple of quotes by Charles Bukowski. They came out so nicely, I wanted to share!

Since it was 5×7 prints, I used smaller wood type blocks. With my computer printouts, pick up all the letters and try to form sentences…

All the letters picked, spelling double-checked…

Start locking the letters. Takes a long time…

Adjusting impressions and placements… I’m printing both quotes in one paper here.

After everything is set, ink the press and print…

For his name, I ordered a polymer plate. Setting up the plate on the base, ready to print his name separately.

and here are the final products!

Yes, perfectly imperfect, I just can’t get enough of the wood type loveliness… Lindsay and her husband told me the nicest things, made me happy so much! Thank you for another fun and wonderful project!