Snow snow snow…


There is a lot of snow in NYC right now… these photos are from 2 days ago, but oh boy, was it cold… (yesterday was just too freezing to go outside so stayed in.)


9am picture above and 10:30am picture below. Mili was at her home school so I had to drop her off and pick her up in this snow. It wasn’t fun. haha


But I love the white city. It’s so pretty. Until it gets slushy and gross…


In my neighborhood around 3pm. It didn’t stop snowing until next day. Therefore, lots of snow everywhere… but it’s too cold to go outside and play! (12Fahrenheit / -11Celsius)

First Snow of the Year


It snowed last Saturday for the first time this year! I think everyone has been waiting for it :) Hope your weekend was a good one!



I have been thinking of having some sort of schedule on my blog… it’s been 4 years (!) and I always post whatever I was inspired by that day, but maybe try new things this year and see if I like that… and hopefully, this blog can be more focused and also, you like some kind of predicted contents everyday… I’ll let you know! Thank you for stopping by always :)

Today’s Bridge 1.27.11

Just when everyone in NY thought all the snow was finally melting away… it snowed. a lot. again. Yesterday was actually really pretty with all the new snow, on the street, on the trees, everywhere :)

The Brooklyn Bridge & the snow (that’s a car in front of this picture):

The sledding hill was open again :) Lots of kids were sledding, it looked so fun! (The school was closed yesterday)

I LOVED all the white trees, it was really pretty walking around. (Not so pretty for the brown melted snow area on the grounds, though.)

Happy Friday! and stay dry & warm :)