DIY: Flower Arrangement

I did a very easy flower arrangement for the shower :) Just by using 2 stems of white hydrangeas & 2 stems of pink gerbera daisies (they are two of my favorites! and our wedding flowers, too) — came out so cute, I was so happy (and still happy to look at today)!! All you do is to cut them to the length of the base and make them shape rounder, which is easy since both of them already have the shape.

I made 3 of these and placed on bar table, food table and desert table.

and I placed 2 stems of pink gerbera daisies in a simple tall glass base in the bathroom for an extra touch :)

I love having flowers around the house, I should do that more often!

3 thoughts on “DIY: Flower Arrangement

  1. Oh I love flowers at home too! You should see if you can find a flower called ‘stock’ I know weird name right? I just discovered it the other day, reminds me of hydrangea but smells DIVINE and lasts forever. Comes in all sorts of colors and is pretty inexpensive to boot!


    Miss B.

    P.S. Love the color of the daisy.

  2. oh hello, Miss B!! so nice to see you here :)

    I’ll definitely look for “stock” — sounds lovely!! Thank you!!

    Hope you’ve been well, I missed you!

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