Maia turned 4!


Maia turned 4 today — Happy Birthday, Maia!! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful sister to Mili, we love you!!


Patiently waiting for her birthday treat… :) She also got a new toy. We all had a family walk this evening and that was fun!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone! This week, we felt an earthquake (that was scary!) and now, hurricane Irene is coming this weekend… All of a sudden, NY is getting hit by a natural disaster… I hope it’ll be all okay…

I just wanted to end the week with some fun photos from my trip to the Cape Cod. Enjoy!

We saw the bunny almost everyday.

The Lobster Trap Co. — this restaurant / fish market is the best!

We got a couple lobsters for dinner…

Randy cooked his first lobsters — it was delicious!


Our little Pocasset Beach:

Fresh shrimp cocktails (from The Lobster Trap Co.)

Grilling clams and such…

We had many visitors throughout our stay including our family, too :)

Have a safe weekend, everyone! We are going to attend a wedding tonight at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and we have some baby classes to attend tomorrow… (due to the¬†Hurricane Irene and subway is not working this weekend, we have rescheduled it) getting busy around here!

Fall Scene in Summer

While summer is screaming out of its name loud and clear everyday in NY, you can enjoy fall scene in Brooklyn Heights — at Cadman Plaza Park. I don’t know why, but these trees always change colors in the middle of summer and all the leaves start to fall… I remember last year was like this, too…

Maia and I took a long walk yesterday and went through the park — couldn’t help but photographing this fall scene. The grass is covered with fallen leaves!

Maia enjoyed it, too :)

(Do you have an iPhone and use Instagram? If so, let me know, I’d love to see your photos! I’m @heartfishpress if you’d like to follow my photos.)


Spring Has Sprung

spring has sprung

Yesterday was so hot and sunny (83 degrees!) — I was so swamped all day inside, but I needed to go to post office anyway so I went outside with Maia and wow, spring was in full swing! I couldn’t help snapping few pictures here and there, I just love the visible change on earth, so very lively and gives me such an energy!

First few are from Brooklyn War Memorial Park on Cadman Plaza. The cherry blossom tree was in full bloom (above) and so many dandelion flowers are everywhere on the grass (below).

spring has sprung

Maia loved it :)

spring has sprung

These next few are from right by the Brooklyn Bridge entrance on Washington Street. It was like this in December.

spring has sprung

I guess they are planting lots of trees now (the orange parts you see)…
The pink flower colors on green and on blue sky really caught my eye and made me happy :)

spring has sprungspring has sprungIt’s a little cloudy today here in NY, but these pictures will keep me happy all day. Hope they will make you happy, too :) Have a great day! xo Hijiri