Today’s Bridge 8.25.11

I haven’t had a chance to post these photos from August 25th… (better late than never, right?) These were taken from Fuman Street in Brooklyn Heights, I had never been here before, but there is a beautiful path you can walk on top of BQE and you can see downtown Manhattan (below) and the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was raining all day that day, but when we came to this area, it stopped raining so we could enjoy the view and the walk :)

Fall Scene in Summer

While summer is screaming out of its name loud and clear everyday in NY, you can enjoy fall scene in Brooklyn Heights — at Cadman Plaza Park. I don’t know why, but these trees always change colors in the middle of summer and all the leaves start to fall… I remember last year was like this, too…

Maia and I took a long walk yesterday and went through the park — couldn’t help but photographing this fall scene. The grass is covered with fallen leaves!

Maia enjoyed it, too :)

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Happy October!

Can you believe it’s October already? I’ve started seeing lots of pumpkins around :) Picture is taken in Brooklyn Heights, perfect October 1st photograph!

Have a great weekend, everyone! If I see a pumpkin pie, I think I have to eat one :P

Old Movie Posters at Brooklyn Heights Cinema

We went to Brooklyn Heights Cinema last Friday to watch the Exit Through the Gift Shop (one of the best documentary (?) films I’ve seen in a long time, definitely makes you think, too!) and as I thought, inside of the theater was so cute :) Lots of old movie posters and very cozy.

Hand-written / drawn chalk board menu: