Happy Birthday, Maia!


November 2nd was Maia’s 5th birthday! Happy Birthday, Maia, we love you!! She’s got a new toy and she loves it :)

Maia turned 4!


Maia turned 4 today — Happy Birthday, Maia!! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful sister to Mili, we love you!!


Patiently waiting for her birthday treat… :) She also got a new toy. We all had a family walk this evening and that was fun!


Yesterday was my birthday (yes, I’m older and wiser today :P) and went to see STOMP for the first time! I’ve known about the show for quite some time, but never seen the real one — wow, I really enjoyed it very much! They pretty much made rhythm/music out of nothing and everything. It was funny and engaging, too. Such an energy I received for my new age year! :)

Big 3!

Today is Maia the dachshund’s 3rd birthday!

Happy Birtday, we love you, Maia!! You make us smile, laugh and happy every single day, you really are the best :)

With all our love, Hijiri and Randy