Happy Spring Friday!


It’s been oh so gorgeous around here, the nature is responding really well you can see! I love seeing the Spring blooming, I know I say this every year, but I just cannot get enough. Here are some photos I took around the city. Wishing you all a happy Spring Friday and weekend!



This cherry blossom tree is in the middle of Soho on West Broadway street. It was stunning! Everyone was taking photos :)


Cherry Blossom Festival

This past Sunday, I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Now I think about it, we were right in the middle of moving last year, I couldn’t go… so it’s been 2 years since I went there last! Oh, it was so pretty as you can see :)

and this gorgeous cherry blossom trees are from Prospect Park at Flatbush Avenue and Eastern Parkway entrance. It was like a pink cave inside :)

Everything is turning green now, summer is next!

Spring Has Sprung

spring has sprung

Yesterday was so hot and sunny (83 degrees!) — I was so swamped all day inside, but I needed to go to post office anyway so I went outside with Maia and wow, spring was in full swing! I couldn’t help snapping few pictures here and there, I just love the visible change on earth, so very lively and gives me such an energy!

First few are from Brooklyn War Memorial Park on Cadman Plaza. The cherry blossom tree was in full bloom (above) and so many dandelion flowers are everywhere on the grass (below).

spring has sprung

Maia loved it :)

spring has sprung

These next few are from right by the Brooklyn Bridge entrance on Washington Street. It was like this in December.

spring has sprung

I guess they are planting lots of trees now (the orange parts you see)…
The pink flower colors on green and on blue sky really caught my eye and made me happy :)

spring has sprungspring has sprungIt’s a little cloudy today here in NY, but these pictures will keep me happy all day. Hope they will make you happy, too :) Have a great day! xo Hijiri

Today’s Bridge 4.17.11

Yesterday was a happy Spring day (a bit windy and cold, but sunny and nice!), I was swamped, but I had to drag myself out and enjoy the Spring even a little bit… I’m glad I did! The cherry blossom trees by the Manhattan Bridge were in bloom and it was so pretty :) Sakura + Bridge. I didn’t think I would be able to see them together!

Happy Monday! xo Hijiri