Fall Scene in Summer

While summer is screaming out of its name loud and clear everyday in NY, you can enjoy fall scene in Brooklyn Heights — at Cadman Plaza Park. I don’t know why, but these trees always change colors in the middle of summer and all the leaves start to fall… I remember last year was like this, too…

Maia and I took a long walk yesterday and went through the park — couldn’t help but photographing this fall scene. The grass is covered with fallen leaves!

Maia enjoyed it, too :)

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Today’s Bridge 7.12.11

It’s been hot, hot, hot in NY! It was 95 degrees (35 Celsius) when I took this and it was around 5pm — the Manhattan bridge looked great as usual, though, Maia and I were melting…

Royal Plantation Elephant Basket

This elephant basket from kate spade is ahhh-dorable! Wish listed…

(I couldn’t post anything all day today… I had this skin irritation/rash and had to go see doctor and that took all day long. I hope it goes away soon…)

p.s Summer is here.