Brooklyn Botanical Garden


I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden yesterday because I knew it was going to be a nice day… I didn’t realize it’d be in 82 degrees, though! It was so hot! (but really nice :)) Just wanted to post some photos from my visit. I could not wait any longer for Spring to come and so seeing flowers blooming was such a treat!







oh. but most of the garden was still like winter. Below is the big cherry blossom area — all the trees were still naked. (NYC street trees are still naked, too.) It was so weird to see the trees like this when it was so hot! I’m sure it’s going to bloom so fast after a day like yesterday. Apparently, today’s going to be another hot day, we are going to the Prospect park for a playdate :) Have a great day, everyone! xo Hijiri


Fall Scene in Summer

While summer is screaming out of its name loud and clear everyday in NY, you can enjoy fall scene in Brooklyn Heights — at Cadman Plaza Park. I don’t know why, but these trees always change colors in the middle of summer and all the leaves start to fall… I remember last year was like this, too…

Maia and I took a long walk yesterday and went through the park — couldn’t help but photographing this fall scene. The grass is covered with fallen leaves!

Maia enjoyed it, too :)

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