Christmas Tree 2010

Happy Friday! How was your week?! Did yours fly as fast as mine did? The only time I felt like the time had stopped was whenever I looked at our Christmas tree that we put up last weekend. It’s been making me happy every single day ever since! This year, it’s not against the wall so we can see it 360º and that means more ornaments to hang :) I wanted it to be really full so I put up all the ornaments from previous years plus I got some new ones for the year!

New this year: Chinchilla ornament (well, I think it is a rabbit, but it really looks like our chinchillas!) from Anthropologie.

and Dachshund ornament from Jonathan Adler. (A second I saw it came out, it was already our new ornament for the year!)

I got few polka dots glitter ornaments from Crate and Barrel. They are so cute :)

and stars, too.

A back of our tree:

and this snowman sitting on a snowflake is still one of my favorites :) I got him in Hayes Valley shop in San Francisco, they had the best ornaments every year, I want to go back there for the holiday season someday again…

If you have your Christmas tree photos up somewhere, I’d love to see, please tell me the link in the comment section! Happy Tree decorating!

Maia’s Room

In between dining area and living room area, Maia has a little room for herself :) I’ve been wanted to do this, it makes me smile every time I see her there! ((Right now, her dining area and her sleeping area are a bit too close to each other, but as we finalize our living room area, she will have more room in between… so she can’t drink water from her bed any more — lazy girl!))

Her initial M and the framed art is by Jamie Shelman (yes, she does dog illustrations sometimes! We did a work trade while back, I love this so much!)

Sometimes, Maia sleeps just like the dog in illustration, it is so cute. I haven’t been able to take that picture, but someday, I will…

Hope you like her room as much as she does (and we do)! :)

New Dining Room and Kitchen

Here are some more pictures of our new dining room and kitchen as I promised… It’s not 100% done, but we are loving how it’s coming along so far! We never had a dining area before so just having a dining table alone is pretty darn exciting!! Oh… there is only one thing about this loft… since it is an open space, we only have windows in one side and so the other side of the loft doesn’t get much sun lights :( So it’s a bit hard to take good photos here… Why is there always “something”?! Oh well…

My little vintage (growing) plates collection:

and our new dining table and bench! We got them from White Flower Farmhouse and we love them!

We’re still looking for the perfect rug underneath the table and the perfect hanging lamps to go with the room…

**The letter M area you see is a new Maia’s room — will post about it soon!

and our kitchen:

Lots of bright and cheery colors, I love it :) Makes me happy to be in here!

Spice rack — I want to replace the containers so it looks a bit more clean…

We want to replace the little table, too… but for now, it’s doing its job.

Hope you enjoy our little tour! :)

Paint Job

It’s been 7 weeks since we moved to our new loft and things are coming together slowly, but surely. I think our kitchen and dining area are now really close to complete, I’d like to add some more things still, but I thought I would start sharing things finally — starting with some paint job I did…

Over the Memorial day weekend, I painted these little things for our kitchen and dining area…

A wine rack from Ikea:

A little corner shelf I bought in Japan:

In yellow! Ever since I had the yellow wall in my old kitchen, I am obsessed with yellow, bright and cheery kitchen. Our new kitchen is white so I decided to do spots of bright colors.

One side painted…

Other side painted, too…

and here is the new wine rack in our dining area:

**The letter A is a local flea market find, I’m hoping to find letter E and letter T so someday, it’ll say “EAT” and probably “DRINK” too :) **

The drawings above the wine rack are by Julia Rothman. I love her work.

and the corner shelf in the kitchen counter area:

They are actually really cute in where they are, I am so happy that I painted them!

More pictures of the dining room and the kitchen will follow!