Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017! It’s been a long time since I posted something here… but it’s another year and I felt like I should post something today! Hope it keeps going :)

I found art yesterday, it caught my eye. It’s a jazz band painting on a red background.

Hoping for a creative new year!!!

Gift Wrapping with Kids Painting



Mili loves to paint and it was getting all piled up… So I used the paintings to wrap some presents for her friends and cousin. It’s pretty (and artsy!) and it’s done by Mili so it makes sense… I think it’s a great use of it!

Little Artist


Mili loves to draw and paint, it is fun to see her enjoying creating :)

The other day, she drew our family portrait (below) and made us all surprised! “The big one is Daddy, next to him is Mama, and the tiny one is Mili,” she said. There are eyes and the size is right, I was wowed.


These little things really surprises me and inspires me, thank you, Mili!

Found Art in DUMBO


I’ve been in love with these art by the Superfine for so long, finally getting around to posting some photos… Aren’t they awesome?!


Makes me happy every time I see these!