Paint Job

It’s been 7 weeks since we moved to our new loft and things are coming together slowly, but surely. I think our kitchen and dining area are now really close to complete, I’d like to add some more things still, but I thought I would start sharing things finally — starting with some paint job I did…

Over the Memorial day weekend, I painted these little things for our kitchen and dining area…

A wine rack from Ikea:

A little corner shelf I bought in Japan:

In yellow! Ever since I had the yellow wall in my old kitchen, I am obsessed with yellow, bright and cheery kitchen. Our new kitchen is white so I decided to do spots of bright colors.

One side painted…

Other side painted, too…

and here is the new wine rack in our dining area:

**The letter A is a local flea market find, I’m hoping to find letter E and letter T so someday, it’ll say “EAT” and probably “DRINK” too :) **

The drawings above the wine rack are by Julia Rothman. I love her work.

and the corner shelf in the kitchen counter area:

They are actually really cute in where they are, I am so happy that I painted them!

More pictures of the dining room and the kitchen will follow!

OVO Costume Design

We went to see Cirque du Soleil‘s OVO about a month ago, and I enjoyed not only their superhuman performance and structure of the show, but also the costume designs so much. Always so special and theatrical, and they do such an acrobatic move in the costume, so intriguing…

For some reason, at Ikea Brooklyn, they are showcasing some of the costumes from the OVO!

I’m not exactly sure if they are the real ones that they are using, though, you get to see the designs here. Aren’t they something?!

(They are all insects.)

Happy Friday!

Found Art: Dachshund at Ikea

This week is all about packing and moving (the big move is tomorrow! Wish us luck!) and Ikea trip… and look what I found at the furniture pick up waiting area — dachshunds :) ((OK, not so much the 3rd one with the striped body)) The tails are wagging, too, the happy ones! Made me smile :)

Speaking of dachshund… Maia is ready to move! (we are so not ready, though)

Have a lovely day, everyone! I’ll be packing all day… see you tomorrow morning :)


I saw this room image over at simplygrove’s flickr photostream and I had to ask where this print/poster is from… she says “Ikea“!

and sure enough, I found it at Ikea website:

I think I will get one! Thank you, Kirsten!

*another great Ikea poster I saw over at To Be Inspired here… time to make a trip, I guess!