Heart Brooch

heart brooch

I’m off to a slow start today… a morning appointment in the city turned into all day thing, just getting back to start my week… (hope you had a nice weekend!)

and as I see even more Japan relief things that people are doing/organizing all over the Internet (so touching!!), I just couldn’t resist posting this Heart Brooch by Hine — soo cute!! I’m going to have to get one for myself :) 50% of all proceeds from her shop will be donated to Japan earthquake fund.

heart brooch

I still have some pictures to share from her show… will come soon! xo Hijiri

Heart Bowl

Lovely heart bowl by Koide Studio. You know how much I love heart-shape :)

and Koide Studio is donating 50% of proceed from any items in the shop to Japan Earthquake relief fund. They have awesome ceramic products, I highly recommend checking it out.

Happy Friday! Lots of hearts to you <3

100% of Iris Print Sales goes to Japan

Last week, Heartfish Press gathered 50% of all sales from the online shop and I am very happy to announce $225.50 has been raised and donated to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief! Thank you so much for your help!!

We are continuing to raise fund by offering this Iris Letterpress Print for $22 and ALL PROCEEDS GO TO JAPAN EARTHQUAKE RELIEF. Until everything will be sold out. I designed and printed this inspired by Japanese wood block print, it went through the press 6 times (usually 2-3 times), the Japanese words you see means “Iris.”

Please help spreading the words! Thank you so much!! xo Hijiri

Bake & Craft Sale for Japan Relief

Tomorrow and next Saturday, there is going to be a bake and craft sale in uptown NYC. Aki from oktak is organizing the event, she’ll have some of her wonderful handmade goods there, Heartfish Press will also be donating some letterpress cards, plus lots of yummy handmade baked goods (I can’t wait to get some) will be there! Please stop by if you live near there or if you are taking a walk to Central Park!

It’s been a week since the huge earthquake in Japan, my heart has been nowhere but in Japan… but I am staying strong for my country, doing whatever I can to help. If you follow my tweets, I’ve been passing around some valuable information on how you can help etc. since SO MANY people and companies are trying their best to donate their art work and raise funds for Japan, I’ve been so very touched to say the very least. Thank you all so much!!

Heartfish Press is still donating half of all sales throughout the weekend, please stop by!