Hello Sunshine Mug

Hello Sunshine mug by Oh Leander. Hand painted by the artist on a ceramic mug — how simple yet cute!

With this, I am saying hello to the (hopefully filled with sunshine) Labor day weekend :) If you are in US, have a great long weekend! It will probably be a working weekend for me… but I will also try to enjoy my quiet time before the baby comes…

See you on Tuesday! xo Hijiri

Heart Bowl

Lovely heart bowl by Koide Studio. You know how much I love heart-shape :)

and Koide Studio is donating 50% of proceed from any items in the shop to Japan Earthquake relief fund. They have awesome ceramic products, I highly recommend checking it out.

Happy Friday! Lots of hearts to you <3

Modern Stripe Bottle Vase

I just couldn’t help but posting these wonderful Modern Stripe Bottle Vase by dahlhaus — every time I look at them, they make me oh, so happy! :)

I can see that the spring is right there, my mind is filled with happy springy colors. The dahlhaus shop carries more ceramics that are inspired by Heaher’s (the artist’s) love of spring and gardens, vintage fabric, modern pop art, and color, if you are in need of feeling some of these love like me, hop on over there! :)

Happy Friday, everyone!

Dachshund Pillow and Bowl

More dachshund love for a couch and a table :)

Scandinavian style screen printed sausage dog by Janefoster (Love her shop. So cute!)

and a new dachshund bowl from Jonathan Adler — “ready to sit, stay, and adorn your table” :) Yes, please!

For more dachshund love, please visit my pinterest board!