My Interview at One Bunting Away

Heartfish Press

Giova from One Bunting Away visited my studio the other day and asked me a few questions for their Crafty People Series and my interview is up on their site today! Please click here to read and see everything.


It was really nice meeting Giova, I’ve known her through online for sometime now so it was awesome to have a face to face time. Thank you so much for featuring me and Heartfish Press on your lovely blog, Giova! xo Hijiri

Good Cheer Deals at Oh, Hello Friend

Heartfish Press is excited to announce this Good Cheer Deals over at Oh, Hello Friend this week! These letterpress prints are up to 40% off and free shipping to all US customers!

If you’ve been eyeing for any of these prints, please go over to this page and make your purchase from there. Offer is limited in quantities so hurry!

Hijirik For The Holidays

The title sounds like a shameless self promotion (:P), but I was so happy and excited to see my work featured at minted condition! And the lovely Bekka gave the title, hijirik for the holidays — aww so awesome! Thank you so much!!

Please think of me and my shop this Holiday season :) xo Hijiri

Over at Poppytalk Handmade Artists

I’m over at poppytalk handmade artists blog today! Come visit :)

and yes, I listed more Live What You Love posters and I’m talking about the vintage wooden hangers :)