Gina and Scott’s Save the Date card




Our friend Gina and Scott sent us the cutest save the date card I had to share — when you open, the red ribbon pulls to tie the knot tighter. Made me smile and wish I thought of it before :) Oh and Sausalito is just over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco so the whole thing makes perfect sense. Our date is saved!

Costom Print: Jack & Deanne

I printed this a while ago for Jack & Deanne who got married on June 5th this year — they wanted a memorable piece with the lace heart for their wedding and also for the keepsake, I was so happy to be able to create a custom print for them — and it came out so great!

Wood type set and adjusting placement and impression…

Always make sure with the compute mock up for spelling, placement etc.

It’s ready for inking — their wedding colors were red and pink — pink ink here for the names and the dates:

Now, printing the lace heart… (I could print this first, but due to the ink on the press, this way made sense at that time. Being flexible is a big part of letterpress printing, I think!)

and here is the finished print:

Congratulations, Jack and Deanne!!

Megan’s Wedding Invitations

When my friend Megan talked to me about her wedding invitations, I thought it was such a great idea and I knew it would be such a fun project (and I was honored to be a little part of her special day!) so I of course said yes… to print on vintage postcards! She had a lot of them and her wedding theme matches with these awesome vintage french postcards so why not make a great use out of them, right? I thought it was so original and cute and so Megan.

Look at all the cool postcards…


She sent me few extras, but to set the plates in the right position, I used another paper to determine the placement…



Mixing brown color…


Matching Pantone.


and ready to print.


The postcards came in 2 different types of the back and this is #1:


#2: adjusted the position to this background.


and it came out just lovely!



I love how it came out! So special. :)

I am actually looking for a wedding stetinary project (from save-the-date, invitations, RSVP cards to Thank you cards, programs…. everything!) if you are interested or if you know someone who just got engaged and you think they might be interested, please let me know!

Happy Friday!