Esoteric Coffee


My friends Tae and James have this coffee company called Esoteric Coffee and they just sent us a new bag of coffee! Yeppeeeee! Thank you, thank you!! We had cups over the weekend and it’s just perfect.

I love their package design, too. Tae is a great graphic designer :)

Brooklyn Roasting Company Package

Brooklyn Roasting Company

I mentioned a little bit about Brooklyn Roasting Company on Tuesday — I like not only their coffee, but also their packaging. The picture is their decaf coffee packaging. Isn’t that great?! (and they are not kidding. It’s so good.) It also comes in a tin can, which I like. You bring back the tin can, they refill it with the beans and you get a dollar off, too.

All of their coffee packaging is designed just with simple Helvetica!

You’re the…

You’re the Cream in my Coffee by YeeHaw Industries. I want to give this to my hubby and hang it by our coffee area in the kitchen! So sweet :)

Blue Bottle Coffee

Another great win for the Giants last night, I’m sure the whole city is going crazy! I so wish I were there to witness everything and feel the energy… but before I do anything, I would stop by the Blue Bottle Coffee first. That’s exactly what we did when we landed in San Francisco this July — straight to the Blue Bottle!

The Hayes Valley kiosk to be exact:

I always love their logo and the store signs, too.

Lots of different kinds of beans… I like their packaging, too. Each name is hand stamped and the logo might be hand stamped as well.

There is a Blue Bottle Café in Ferry Building now (well, I don’t know when they came here, but not when I lived there) so of course, we stopped by there as well…

and look what I found! An embroidery café sign :) I thought it was so cute I had to take photos!

“Blue Bottle Customers Only, Please!” sign on the café table, also embroidered. So sweet, right? I love it :)

And I still love my cup of Blue Bottle every morning here in NY. Life is good. Happy Friday!