Brooklyn Roasting Company Package

Brooklyn Roasting Company

I mentioned a little bit about Brooklyn Roasting Company on Tuesday — I like not only their coffee, but also their packaging. The picture is their decaf coffee packaging. Isn’t that great?! (and they are not kidding. It’s so good.) It also comes in a tin can, which I like. You bring back the tin can, they refill it with the beans and you get a dollar off, too.

All of their coffee packaging is designed just with simple Helvetica!

Helvetica Baby Tee

I had to get this Helvetica baby onesie from American Apparel for Mili! (Of course, in letter M) Her size was all sold out so I got 12-18 month size… can’t wait for her to try it on. Pictures coming later then…

They also have a long sleeve lap tee:

Every Wednesdays now on, I’ll start posting about baby/kids related things. Mili was born on Wednesday so it makes sense for me… I didn’t want this blog to be all about baby stuff, but then, I wanted it to grow with me (and Mili) so just once a week, you’ll see some baby/kids content :)

p.s How awesome is this nursery room!! (Thank you, Niq)

Google Helvetica Today

hehehe! Happy April Fool’s day! (When you google “Comic Sans” it also shows all in Comic Sans.)

via @ashetler (sending you warm thoughts to you, Angela! She is in Fukushima, Japan…)

Helvetica Notebook

Came across this Helvetica Notebook over at Veer — isn’t it cool? It has 2 sides, LOVE side and HATE side, just like any other relationship… ha!

and the notebook is ruled throughout with additional quotes. Great gift idea for your designer friends!