Blue Bottle Coffee

Another great win for the Giants last night, I’m sure the whole city is going crazy! I so wish I were there to witness everything and feel the energy… but before I do anything, I would stop by the Blue Bottle Coffee first. That’s exactly what we did when we landed in San Francisco this July — straight to the Blue Bottle!

The Hayes Valley kiosk to be exact:

I always love their logo and the store signs, too.

Lots of different kinds of beans… I like their packaging, too. Each name is hand stamped and the logo might be hand stamped as well.

There is a Blue Bottle Café in Ferry Building now (well, I don’t know when they came here, but not when I lived there) so of course, we stopped by there as well…

and look what I found! An embroidery café sign :) I thought it was so cute I had to take photos!

“Blue Bottle Customers Only, Please!” sign on the café table, also embroidered. So sweet, right? I love it :)

And I still love my cup of Blue Bottle every morning here in NY. Life is good. Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “Blue Bottle Coffee

  1. I had my first cup of Blue Bottle when I was in SF a couple of weekends ago. We enjoyed iced New Orleans style coffee from the Ferry Building farmers’ market stall. SO GOOD!

  2. Donna-

    :) I bet it is!!!


    ohhh yes, we had some New Orleans, too, and it is sooooooooo good. After the Blue Bottle, you really can’t drink anything else! I hope you had a great time there!! :)

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