Today’s Bridge 4.17.11

Yesterday was a happy Spring day (a bit windy and cold, but sunny and nice!), I was swamped, but I had to drag myself out and enjoy the Spring even a little bit… I’m glad I did! The cherry blossom trees by the Manhattan Bridge were in bloom and it was so pretty :) Sakura + Bridge. I didn’t think I would be able to see them together!

Happy Monday! xo Hijiri

3 thoughts on “Today’s Bridge 4.17.11

  1. Hi, Just wanted to say how beautiful your photos are, the sakura has almost faded here in Tokyo, it was so beautiful this year and so very necessary at this time, everyone stared at it’s beauty with their own thoughts about the past few weeks, hoping, praying, wishing. Hanami will probably, I hope, never be like this past one again!

    Take care and thank you, I received the beautiful Iris print last week, it has pride of place atop my mantel. Such kindness has come out of such tragedy and heartache, thank you.


  2. Shirley-

    :) Yes, indeed!! Thank you so much for your comment!


    I’m glad you received the print okay!! :) I’m sure Sakura this year has touched many people, especially, for those who went through so much… My heart has been in Japan ever since. Sakura here is pretty also, but it’s not the same as Japanese ones. I miss Japanese Ohanami! :)

    Please take a good care of yourself and your family, Angela. I hope to hear from you again soon!

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