Today is a big day for us — we are moving to DUMBO loft! New keys, new loft, new neighborhood… I’m super excited :) I will try my best to be more organized at this new place… I will share some pictures along the way…

Here is a little sneak peek of my new studio area. For some very exciting reason, I had to set this up at the new loft… I will share the news when the time comes! :)

Have a great weekend, everyone, and I will see you all on Monday from DUMBO!!

10 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Hijiri! Congratulations for your new life!
    Your new studio looks soooo kawaii! Take care of hikkosi-dukare!

  2. Looks fantastic. I’m jealous.

    I received my LWYL print this week – thank you for the thank you card! It is beautiful…hanging on my noticeboard in my entry way until I find a frame.

  3. THANK YOU guys sooooooo much!!! It was really crazy, but all your comments made me smile :)

    elissa- I’m glad you received it okay! Thank YOU!

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