Cherry Blossom Festival

This past Sunday, I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Now I think about it, we were right in the middle of moving last year, I couldn’t go… so it’s been 2 years since I went there last! Oh, it was so pretty as you can see :)

and this gorgeous cherry blossom trees are from Prospect Park at Flatbush Avenue and Eastern Parkway entrance. It was like a pink cave inside :)

Everything is turning green now, summer is next!

First Day of Spring

Beginning of this week is not so springy with rain and grey sky, but the past few days have been so gorgeous that we went to Prospect park everyday on the weekend just to enjoy the sun and the spring — everyone was thinking exactly the same, the park was packed and everyone was having a blast!

It was 70-something degrees, I was just wearing tee-shirts, but all the trees are still brown with no leaves and it looked weird — I saw little buds coming out, though!

The dog beach was finally open — saw many dogs around and a few were actually swimming and having fun! Made me smile :)

Maia enjoying her first back rubs…

and I found some flowers! Everywhere else was all brown, but these little lives found their way to bloom — so inspiring.

On Sunday, there was an Irish parade on Prospect Park West (I think it’s for belated St. Patrick’s Day ceremony, too) — it was another gorgeous day and their spirit and everyone’s vibe were so nice.

Love these costumes!

Happy Spring to all of you :) xo Hijiri

To MJ From Brooklyn

Stopped by Michael Jackson Tribute event at Prospect Park yesterday.

It was filled with love and energy!!!


((I was so far away from the stage and this video might not show well, but they were all going crazy up there…))

*The event was hosted by Spike Lee with DJ Spinna.