Today’s Bridge 1.9.15

It snowed again this morning. It got cleared up by late morning and it’s sunny so we came outside to play with snow. We made it to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, but someone was too cold to play… At least I got this beautiful photo of my favorite spot.

It’s been a full 7 years here, but I never get tired of this view. I don’t think I ever will :)

Today’s Bridge 5.16.13


It was a beautiful day today! I was not wearing a jacket all day all evening, just my t-shirt and jeans, it felt great! We did a sunset walk around the park this evening, it was soo pretty. Mili pointed at the sky and said “pink!” :) Makes me realize I am in love with this view every time I come. xo Hijiri

Today’s Bridge 3.11.1





I took Mili and Maia to the park today. Mili loved walking around and finding many things. I felt so thankful to live here with my loved ones peacefully. The bridges and the city were gorgeous as always.