Royal Plantation Elephant Basket

This elephant basket from kate spade is ahhh-dorable! Wish listed…

(I couldn’t post anything all day today… I had this skin irritation/rash and had to go see doctor and that took all day long. I hope it goes away soon…)

p.s Summer is here.

Enchantment Under The Sea

Enchantment under the sea is so right word for this “gold” fish coin purse by Kate Spade. Caught my eye and made me smile :) Heartfish loves fish, too!

Wish listed…



Kate Spade Prints

kate spade print

Artist portfolio prints spring series by Kate Spade. I am especially in love with the typography + heart in pink and red print shown here… so cute and love all the overlapping letters and hearts! <3

8 Days Until Christmas

Lovely Kate Spade‘s window display in SoHo. I always LOVE and admire what they do for their company brand, their products are great, too.

JOY to the world!