The Arm Visit

Last Friday, I visited the Arm letterpress studio to help my friend print their save-the-date cards — I didn’t realize that it’d been a long time since I last visited! I knew it’s going to be fun printing with a friend, but I forgot how awesome that is to be in the public printing shop and work with lots of other people! The energy, the smell of ink, the sound of the presses cranking… all was great. And of course, we had fun printing and oh my god, their save-the-date cards came out soo great!

Some photos…

More Impression (on Vandercook Press):

I took this the end of the night, but all the presses were busy all day on Friday evening.

The Arm Flyers. Of course letterpressed and hand type set (I’m sure).

If you are interested in letterpress, they have workshops, too, you should check it out. Happy printing!

Letterpress Things

Today, I’ll share more pictures from my visit to Letterpress Things in Chicopee, MA. Come this way!

The entrance…

After going up the stairs… it’s a letterpress treasure land! We met the owner, John Barrett, he says he bought 17 letterpress shops this year alone and he never throws out anything. It is literally filled with “Printing Junque” I wasn’t kidding yesterday :)

Wood furniture cabinets. Never seen this many all together before…

Lots of metal types…

and borders and ornaments…


I love all the art work that was on the wall in this place. This one is great, too!

It’s like a museum of old printing blocks…

More types in package.

John took us to the printing room. So many cute table top presses, do you see the really tiny one here?

and presses for sale — tabletop presses:

and floor models:

It only opens few times a month or less, so if you ever plan to go there, which I really recommend to go if you are looking for printing supplies, please check the open dates first. John also supports the museum of printing in MA, I would love to go check it out someday soon…

Happy Letterpress Printing!

Poster at the Letterpress Things

I was so happy to get to go to Letterpress Things after thanksgiving while we were in MA, that place is amazing! More photos soon, but I wanted to share this awesome poster — “When I get a little money, I buy type and presses and if any is left, I buy food & clothes” Love all the types, especially, the “TYPE” and “PRESSES” — beautiful!!

oh and the top poster that reads “This place is filled with Printing Junque” is so perfect for the shop I have nothing else to say.

With that in mind, I am off to my letterpress studio! Have a great day, everyone! xo Hijiri