Custom Poster: All You Need Is Love

all you need is love poster

Alison wanted a custom piece for above her fireplace and the phrase she choose? “All You Need Is Love” :)

1st color, light grey printed — missing O here…

all you need is love poster

Add back the letter O and put scond color, light pink…

all you need is love poster

and print!

all you need is love posterall you need is love poster

I love how it came out! Great wood type texture and perfect imperfection — gets me every time!

all you need is love posterI hope she enjoys it for a long time :) I’m off to print now, see you tomorrow!

Golden Rule Letterpress Poster

Golden Rule Letterpress Poster by Studio On Fire caught my eye more than ever (first found via swissmiss). That’s exactly what my parents told us to do growing up! And it’s such a lovely collaboration of a father and son; All elements are hand drawn by Koen (age 6) with a Sharpie marker at the dining room table, then arranged digitally in our studio. The type is the “Golden Rule” as penned in the honest hand of a child. How awesome and sweet is that?! And it is beautifully letterpressed, that completes it!

It’s great for kids’ room, but I want one for myself, too!

Poster at the Letterpress Things

I was so happy to get to go to Letterpress Things after thanksgiving while we were in MA, that place is amazing! More photos soon, but I wanted to share this awesome poster — “When I get a little money, I buy type and presses and if any is left, I buy food & clothes” Love all the types, especially, the “TYPE” and “PRESSES” — beautiful!!

oh and the top poster that reads “This place is filled with Printing Junque” is so perfect for the shop I have nothing else to say.

With that in mind, I am off to my letterpress studio! Have a great day, everyone! xo Hijiri

Things That Are Long Letterpress Poster

In honor of Maia’s 3rd Birthday, I’ll be posting some dachshund related stuff today :)

When I saw the title Things That Are Long letterpress poster by 1canoe2, I knew I see a long dachshund dog… and there he is! Made me happy :)

Very cute!