The Arm Visit

Last Friday, I visited the Arm letterpress studio to help my friend print their save-the-date cards — I didn’t realize that it’d been a long time since I last visited! I knew it’s going to be fun printing with a friend, but I forgot how awesome that is to be in the public printing shop and work with lots of other people! The energy, the smell of ink, the sound of the presses cranking… all was great. And of course, we had fun printing and oh my god, their save-the-date cards came out soo great!

Some photos…

More Impression (on Vandercook Press):

I took this the end of the night, but all the presses were busy all day on Friday evening.

The Arm Flyers. Of course letterpressed and hand type set (I’m sure).

If you are interested in letterpress, they have workshops, too, you should check it out. Happy printing!


Yesterday all day, I was having problems with logging in here, but it’s finally fixed and I can blog again! yay :)

A week ago on January 11th, while Heartfish Press was launching, a new letterpress studio opened on the other side of the planet — in Tokyo, that is!

It’s called PLY. (pronounce just like “play”) and the studio is not only for the founders megropress and smb et smb, but also, it’s going to be a public shared studio where you can visit, print and create together.

The place looks great! They worked on everything from the floor to building the tables. Amazing!

If you are in Tokyo area or if you are visiting there soon, please contact them and see if you can stop by. This would be my must-go spot next time I go back to Japan! Congratulations on the launch, PLY.!

(images via PLY.)

Coming Soon: Heartfish Press

I have a very exciting news to share today… I am so proud to announce that my studio is taking letterpress love to the next level — I am launching Heartfish Press on January 11, 2011! That is in 2 months, I picked today to announce because it’s 11.11.10 and one more number 1, it’s the launch day :)

This has been in the works for seems like ever… but I am super excited to finally make this official. The new website will have an online shop, custom gallery with all the letterpress work I’ve done for the last 2 years (including some work that I haven’t shared with you here) and much more. And this blog, Heartfish will stay the same here, maybe a new fresh design, but I’ll see you everyday as usual! :)

I couldn’t thank everyone who’s been a big support enough!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! and please stay tuned for 1.11.11 :) xoxo Hijiri