The Arm Visit

Last Friday, I visited the Arm letterpress studio to help my friend print their save-the-date cards — I didn’t realize that it’d been a long time since I last visited! I knew it’s going to be fun printing with a friend, but I forgot how awesome that is to be in the public printing shop and work with lots of other people! The energy, the smell of ink, the sound of the presses cranking… all was great. And of course, we had fun printing and oh my god, their save-the-date cards came out soo great!

Some photos…

More Impression (on Vandercook Press):

I took this the end of the night, but all the presses were busy all day on Friday evening.

The Arm Flyers. Of course letterpressed and hand type set (I’m sure).

If you are interested in letterpress, they have workshops, too, you should check it out. Happy printing!

Today’s Bridge 1.21.11

Today’s Bridge is from a different part of town — Williamsburg :)

A bit hard to see, but the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge from a subway ride on the Williamsburg Bridge. The sun was setting, the sky was pink and it was beautiful.

Walking down on Broadway towards Williamsburg Bridge. Yes, snowed more last week.

Hope you had a lovely weekend :) Let’s have a great week! xo Hijiri

Subway Art: Marcy Avenue Station

This Subway Art is from Marcy Avenue Station (J, M, Z) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I love that when you get out of the train, the art is waiting for you to greet. This station is above the ground so the stained glass reflects the lights well and makes it pretty.