Printing Friday…



It was a printing Friday for me… actually went to the Arm to print! Hadn’t touched Vandercook for a while so it was a fun and exciting day (but I forgot how tiring it is to print with Vandy, my arm aches already… :)). More photos will come soon with some new stuff for the shop.

Wishing you a happy weekend!! xo Hijiri

Godling Pearl Old Style No.3

Golding Pearl Old Style #3

How was your 4th of July weekend?! Good, I hope! Heartfish Press welcomed a new (old) press on Sunday! Meet the Golding Pearl Old Style No. 3 — made in 1902! Dan at the Arm Letterpress had been restoring it for me and finally she was ready to move into my studio.

The Pearl can be moved in pieces so that made the move a lot easier… but to lift the top part, 2-3 guys hands are required…

Everything is in the van and ready to go…

and when we came to my studio, Dan put them all back together (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) and there she is! Sitting right next to me right now :)

Ohhh that heart-shaped treadle… melts my heart every time — now, everyday! Can’t wait to print with her!

Again, thank you very much, Dan at the Arm, my friend Christian and my husband Randy for your time and hands, there was no way I could have done this by myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Meet (almost) My New-Old Press

Here she is! The Golding Pearl Old Style No.3, that is! She has been in the process of being restored at the Arm and almost ready to come home to my studio. When I visited the Arm, I got to meet her and she was so beautiful, I can’t wait to print with her!

The room was a bit dark so the photos didn’t come out well, but this is the Golding Pearl Old Style Press No.3:

with the heart-shaped treadle!!

The flywheel is gorgeous, too.

I was so excited that I had to share! :)

I have to rearrange my studio space a bit so I can welcome her soon… can’t wait!!

The Arm Visit

Last Friday, I visited the Arm letterpress studio to help my friend print their save-the-date cards — I didn’t realize that it’d been a long time since I last visited! I knew it’s going to be fun printing with a friend, but I forgot how awesome that is to be in the public printing shop and work with lots of other people! The energy, the smell of ink, the sound of the presses cranking… all was great. And of course, we had fun printing and oh my god, their save-the-date cards came out soo great!

Some photos…

More Impression (on Vandercook Press):

I took this the end of the night, but all the presses were busy all day on Friday evening.

The Arm Flyers. Of course letterpressed and hand type set (I’m sure).

If you are interested in letterpress, they have workshops, too, you should check it out. Happy printing!