Charity Mugs

Charity Mugs from west elm. west elm will donate 50% of the purchase price from the sale of each mug to the organization represented. I like the water color paintings, too, I think I will pick up a few!

DUMBO Arts Festival 2010

Found lots of arts as you can imagine throughout DUMBO Arts Festival last weekend, I loved every second of it everyday!

I think this might be my favorite work — chalk board + chalk line drawing of DUMBO (I think). The old brick building as a background is just perfect.

We happened to walk by when artists were working on this work…

and it was done by the weekend:

That’s a lot of work! Well done :)

Saw lots of artists working on a piece on the street…

and there was lots of live music everywhere, too… (these guys were awesome!)

Strong message with strong visuals…

The flag and the Brooklyn Bridge:

More will follow! :)

Paint Job

It’s been 7 weeks since we moved to our new loft and things are coming together slowly, but surely. I think our kitchen and dining area are now really close to complete, I’d like to add some more things still, but I thought I would start sharing things finally — starting with some paint job I did…

Over the Memorial day weekend, I painted these little things for our kitchen and dining area…

A wine rack from Ikea:

A little corner shelf I bought in Japan:

In yellow! Ever since I had the yellow wall in my old kitchen, I am obsessed with yellow, bright and cheery kitchen. Our new kitchen is white so I decided to do spots of bright colors.

One side painted…

Other side painted, too…

and here is the new wine rack in our dining area:

**The letter A is a local flea market find, I’m hoping to find letter E and letter T so someday, it’ll say “EAT” and probably “DRINK” too :) **

The drawings above the wine rack are by Julia Rothman. I love her work.

and the corner shelf in the kitchen counter area:

They are actually really cute in where they are, I am so happy that I painted them!

More pictures of the dining room and the kitchen will follow!

MoMA visit

The Museum of Modern Art in New York is free on Fridays after 4pm and opens until 8pm so I stopped by for a little bit today… I could only see 1 floor and a half, though, I have to go back another Friday for sure! I never actually been to MoMA in New York so it was a great experience. The building is not that distinct compare to SF MoMA, but it’s much bigger than SF one for sure and there are lots of great pieces! I like Marc Chagall and there was this painting by him called “I and the Village” — it’s like the first painting I learned and loved when I was in elementary school in Japan — and so to see the actual piece was so awesome! I don’t like taking pictures in a gallery/museum (there are lots of people taking pictures everywhere) but I had to for this one.